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Funny shit, and I'm a real ELO fan. I have a sense of humor. The thing that struck me though was, not only was it fucking funny, but you had all your facts right. True parody is based on fact. I assume who have already received some real nasty mail from militant ELO fans. I've seen the mail they send on the ELO-list; they have no sense of humor and worship Otis Dingleberry like a God. Sorry I can't be funny right now,because I'm watching South Park right now, (Penisplasty, negroplasty, vaginaplasty)(new snutch!, Jesus Christ! Thanks again for the good laugh.--- 03:16, 9 February 2007 (UTC) SVB2002-Ft. Liquordale,FL, where Anna Nicole Smith just died.

edit One wrong parodied fact.

The disco bits in Discovery was not a Lynne experimentation. The record company demanded some disco sounding stuff and Lynne bowed to the pressure. Just so we're clear on that point.

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