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Thanks for the review Username18 - thanks for helping me out - found it much more funny to leave out the dashes

I change it from cymbal bullying to drummer bullying.

I wrote the article based on being in a band where one day the saxophone guy just stopped everybody cold by walking over to the drummer and started banging on his ride cymbal - can you play more of this he asked ? Needless to say this saxophonist was politely asked to leave the band.

made the pictures bigger - good idea

dont know if i can expand on it although -

added another picture to parallel the OUTrageous parady of Monty Python's French Taunter

edit Username18

Hey, no problemo for the review. It looks like you've taken every single one of my criticisms on board, which is great!

Don't feel pressured to expand upon it: stub articles have started out as stubs and have turned into featured articles, so don't give up. You've definitely improved upon your work, so I guess all you can do is wait for the next Pee Review and go from there.

Good job on the changes, and good luck! --Username18 06:12, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

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