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Doom in Polish Nonsensopedia is the best. Talk funny thing about monsters.

edit Doom 10

This is an ACTUAL easter egg in Doom 10.

1. Get the mission to retrieve the plasma device to operate the teleporter. 2.When you are almost in front of the room where it is kept, look around you, there is an office of Andy Chang, as the sign says. Enter it, kill the zombie (of course he can watch the message with you). 3. Then look at the computer, under the UAC logo there is data writing, one of the lines says: "c::Scanning data > load esta.og > ld" (it's "ld", not "id"). 4. Esta.og backwards = Go.atse

edit Splitting

I would like to take this article and split it into two to four other articles (Doom I and II, Final Doom, PWADs, and Doom 3). If there's no objections, I'll get started on a 'when I feel like it' basis.

edit Wrong Info

The weapon on the movie poster isn't a french FAMAS, it's a belgian FN P90.

edit Twinkies?

Doom has nothing to do with Twinkies, and this bit of randomness did not seem to me to fit quite right in the article so I reverted it. Simsilikesims 00:41, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

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