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edit rewrite

I thought this article was not very good so I tried to rewrite it. Before it had no real theme or point. Constantly talking about sex and AK-47's is a bit lame and has nothing really to do with the movie, which features niether. You could equally say most of that stuff about any other film and it would be as relevant. Uncyclopedia guide lines state that just being completely random and unrelated is not good, so I tried to correct this.

I based my article around joking about how potentially confusing the movies plot is, which to me seems the best potential comedy to be had with it. Naturally, if something is deliberately confusing it draws comnparisson to the Chewbacca defence, hence the article I made. I also change the nostrodamus quote, because it just wasn't very funny and cut it down to just the santa quote without the easter bunny replying. Anyone who has seen the movie (and thus would be reading this article) knows the retort so saying it is just redundant. Let me know what you think.


Blame me. I created this article on one of my older accounts (which I think was called "The Xorcist"), but now I forgot the password so I had to make this account. Sorry, it was my first atricle, and you know what nubs are like when they first visit Uncyclopedia. At present this page sucks, but I think it has potential. We need a total rewrite. - Undoubleplusgood

edit Good job.

The rewrite is great. Made me laugh =).

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