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Placeholder article. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ® (Orate) 11:19, November 9, 2012 (UTC)

edit 2015 presidential primary campaign

Donald Trump has been attracting a lot of attention lately in the news for his remarks on Mexicans during his 2015 presidential primary campaign. Any chance something about his remarks will be added to this article? Chunkles talk ✏️ contribs 22:51, July 19, 2015 (UTC)


In 2015, he announced that he will be running as the Republican candidate for president and that after he is elected, he would be building a wall on the northern border to stop the Americans from moving to Canada. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Olamando (talk • contribs)

This is a Featured Article (voted to run on our main page). It can be brought up-to-date as new things happen in his campaign, but is presumed not to need new help being funny. Spıke Radiomicrophone18:36 7-Jun-16

Well, it's not funny....This is the most boring article in the whole website. You've got a comedy goldmine here and you are not using it. I am guessing that you are Trump supporters then. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Olamando (talk • contribs)

Hahahahahahaha. --LaurelsRomArtus*Imperator ITRA (Orate) ® 11:13, June 8, 2016 (UTC)
Olamando has a day to calm down without editing in order to figure out how to advance a proposal without disparaging other Uncyclopedians. Spıke Radiomicrophone11:58 8-Jun-16

edit Separated at birth?

DoTr and Boris Johnson? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

edit The Wee president

I think we need to mention that :) The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Articles voted to run on our main page are presumed not to need new help being funny. No article needs additions of electioneering unless accompanied by original comedy. Spıke Radiomicrophone18:59 12-Jan-17
Typical right wing censorship. We can't even mock the pipi president. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)
Anon was banned for that post. I told you the exact policy reason and there is no "right wing" or "left wing" about it, or perhaps even about Trump. We have mocked him a ton. Read UN:AD about replying to such a post by disparaging another Uncyclopedian's motives. Spıke Radiomicrophone23:58 14-Jan-17

edit Intro is unfunny

The intro is pretty bad. Compared to the intros you find on other presidents, this one seems awfully easy-going and restrained. -- 05:22, May 11, 2017 (UTC)

I see humor on several levels. "Restraint" is one aspect of imitating an encyclopedia. A rantier Intro would not be better. Spıke Radiomicrophone12:24 11-May-17

edit Suggested Categories

Things that make Baby Jesus cry, mayhaps? BullyingIsCool123 (talk)

Adding categories to install "automatic" humor into an article, especially by way of insulting the subject, are not writing original comedy, but instead are rubber-stamping an article. Spıke Radiomicrophone01:44 3-Jul-17

I understand. BullyingIsCool123 (talk)

Isn't he really King Don the Huuuuge Liar if he got the Russians to scam Hilary's attempt with fake news?

edit Please add ...

... the following interwiki: [[de:Donald Trump]] . Thanks. U. Kulick 14:14, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

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