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Cheers for the edit, Ross. I figured something wasn't quite right about that sentence. That'll teach me to use uncyclopedia whilst drunk, hey? ;) --Freebasser 23:15, 27 Apr 2005 (EDT)

edit Amazing picture

So, you may or may not have heard of the Conservapedia thing that's been popping up. (It's got tons of Uncyclopedia material)

They have the most ridiculous picture ever in the Dinosaur article (that has been removed but is still accessible via history). I thought it would be an excellent addition to this article.

However I'm not sure if I can just upload it... maybe licensing issues that I am not as well-versed in?

So... I'll leave it to others who know better what to do with it.

edit Trivia Game

He is the non-speaking protagonist of what has been popularly named "the best game of all time" for the Personal Computer.

Weighted Companion Cube?

edit == Shocking Discovery ==

The whole section "Shocking Discovery" has appeared many, MANY places on the web since 1994. Snopes has a copy at "". I've dropped it from this article. Chipuni 22:56, 27 April 2007 (UTC)

edit mad lib

the greatest dinosaur that ever lived section has charactoristics shockingly similiar to a seven year olds mad lib

edit How is

This entire article without a picture containing both dinosaurs and jesus?

Or even fucking RAPTOR JESUS? 00:44, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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