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edit From Pee Review

I know this is a pice of crap, thats why i need you to help me out, and give me LOTS of tips and pointers on how to make this great.

Humour: 3 Humo(u)r comes from, among other things, taking something known & twisting it recognizably but 'wrongly'. This article is basically a rough lampooning of the character - and not done very well. Rather than comment throughout, try rewriting as if D.T. were someone else (a criminal? a Norwegian food?) and you were writing an article on that.
Concept: 2 Not well thought out - see above. I'd start over from scratch. Also, unless a list is funny by itself (ways to kill your roommate) it seend to have punchlines throughout. There is some setup for spoofing the characters, but otherwise unfunny.
Prose and formatting: 1 Would you let your English teacher read this? It would have red marker all over the place. Clean that up! Also, smaller images alternating left & right is a good start to formatting. As you have it is fugly.
Images: 6 It looks like you started with these images (which are pretty cool!)
Miscellaneous: 2 I'd start this article over from scratch with a better beginning concept. I'm guessing you ran out of ideas as you were writing this - 90% of the time that means you had a weak idea to start with. A strong idea would keep giving you MORE ideas as you wrote.
Final Score: 14 Keep trying! Asking for help is always a good thing.
Reviewer: --Smrt-guy 04:43, 18 February 2007 (UTC)
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