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To Whom it may concern, Diamond IS NOT A METAL. The Most Dense or "hardest" metal is Chromium. And even diamonds are not the hardest material on Earth.


Whoever wrote this article is a amazing metaloligist! Diamonds are a metal,!... and are no where near related to a sugar crystal because sugar isn't metal. And just because the older the fiance, doesn't mean the larger and harder the diamond. I work in a jewelry store so I would know, I've tryed it. They also don't know anything about geography since they think the Andes are located in South africa... they are actually located in a metal industry,

~ AO

^ who the hell cares, its a joke.


The entry is in reference to a GameFAQs thread where a user claimed that diamond is one of the hardest metals and is harder than anything walls are made of these days. I have the screenshot somewhere but can't find it at the moment.

Here? [1]--Viking 19:28, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

>>Suggest that under "Diamonds as Ammunition" you add the fact that Capt. James T. Kirk fired diamonds at the Zorn to defeat it.

I agree, Dragonforce is actually the hardest metal.

edit "Known to man"

All instances of the string "known to man" should be changed to "known the man" because it is better and more consistent with the original joke. (At the moment, there is only one instance of this: the very first sentence.)

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