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edit From Pee Review

Any help? Thanks

Humour: 5 It was ok, I laughed 2 or 3 times
Concept: 7 Pretty good, I liked it
Prose and formatting: 9 All good.
Images: 9 I liked them alot, thought the 2 P.M sunset joke was funny
Miscellaneous: 8 {{{Mcomment}}}
Final Score: 38 7 out of 10
Reviewer: --Spatz:

Lord Fluffy started reading, but it's about ten at night here (Lord Fluffy doesn't know whether it's daylight savings time or not; there was something about it recently but Lord Fluffy doesn't give a fuck) and He is tired. He could not pay attention. Lord Fluffy thinks that the concept is excellent, but for tired insomniac crazies like himself the stlye of the prose is not all it could be. Lord Fluffy, however, is not a good critic, and encourages you to keep writing articles and refonong this one. Who knows- someday when He has had enough sleep He might find that He likes it.

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