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The monkey part was good. All that came after it was gibberish.

Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, hitherto know as "fiction" by so many has been found to be a completely factual account. If anything it is more historically correct than history itself. This "textbook" or as it should more appropriately be called "sacred bestseller" has been deemed by the Gideon's (an organization know for leaving bibles in hotel rooms, under large rocks, and inside ice chests) as a profoundly enlightening text; it is now being placed around the globe in a brown leather bound version inscribed with text that glows in the dark. Dan Brown, of course, having been in the position of inscribing this mind-boggling work has been offered the role of Pope, Dalai Lama, and president of Microsoft. He did turn down the role of United States President having claimed, "No, that role is reserved for the Anti-Christ aka Christian Slater" When Slater is set to take office, is yet to be determined.

edit Dan Brown

Dan Brown was actually conceived in a cocoon deep inside the great labyrinth beneath the Alamo by the Atomic Plutonions. Created to bring forth the demise of mankind by reverting us all into a state of banality. The Plutonions plan seems to working...

Your Mom likes Dan Brown. Foshizzle.

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