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"Whoever wrote this is a complete moron, probably got dumped by a chick from Dalmatia. Get a life you poor poor @sshole."

You know, my girlfriend is a chick from Dalmatia, to be more precise, from Split, and I also live in Split, and yes - I wrote this article. If you don't like it you might as well be a politician or a military general, or, if you're ambitious, the president of USA.

By the way, shouldn't these comments in the article be here in discussion instead in the article itself??

--T1TAN 23:54, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

edit creep

Dude, you are a creep, you have no sense of humor and you have no life. If you are Dalmatian and saying for your self that you are an asshole, than you are probably right. You must be a real asshole. Your bitch too for staying with you after this.

edit Negative Creep

Yes, I must correct you, I'm a negative creep. You know, like that song from The Beatles & Nick Caveman.

Are you by any chance related to George W. Bush jr.?

I've heard there is a system to follow to cure the state you're in, they call it "Developing a sense of humor" (DASH). But it requires a lot of work, and if you're from Dalmacija there is virtually no chance you'll even try. Just go to the next Hajduk game (I suppose you do that often) and die in a gay manner (surrounded by 10000 horny men blindly convinced you're the coolest guy in the universe). If you're not from Dalmacija, you might want to visit a developmental advisor and grow up, at least to the point where you stop being an idiot and become retarded.

--T1TAN 11:37, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

Dalmatian born and bred here from Primosten and Sibenik and I must say....THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS, AND TRUE TOO.

I am from dalmatia and I must say that some of this things are pretty much true.I disagree with some of them but this is so funny that I won' t even mention them..and, yeah, I just must say it, even though I like all the dalmatian people, people who are from split are a bit ridged than the others. If you have a little time to check it, you will find out that the split is not the center and only town in dalmatia..

edit little tip

ako ste svi iz dalmacije, zašto pišete na engleski? ne zanima baš nekog stranca kako se dalmatinci prepiru... a i lijepi, preljepi hrvatski jezik ima više uvreda nego engleski. ovo je hvala Bogu slobodna zemlja i svatko ima pravo reći što misli. čak i ako su to najveće gluposti za nekog drugog. i nemojte se tako nervirat...

don't worry, be happy (znam i ja engleski, hehe)

edit well...

not everyone are the same... if you really think all these stuff you are hangin' out with these kind of people, and you know what they say:"you are who you're with", so you should really change your friends (if this is what they're like) and meet other people. there are some really great people...


alo stari---

who ever wrote this, misinterpreted some things, and overdued an some frazes... but i think you guys shouldn't get mad cuz there are idiots who are like that... i would just suggest to the autor of this text to maybe write an explanation that THINGS ARE NOT LIKE THAT IN WHOLE DALMATIA!!!! THERE ARE IDIOTS IN WHOLE WORLD, BUT YOU WROTE THIS TEXT LIKE THE WHOLE DALMATIA HAS IDIOTS!!! SO, PLEASE, ADD AN EXPLANATION IN THE END SO THAT WHEN PEOPLE READ THIS TEXT IN THE FUTURE DON'T CONSIDER DALMATIA AS A PLACE OF REDNECKS AND IDIOTS!!!


p.s. možda možeš dodat i neke pozitivne stvari....

edit mixture

a perfect mixture of Borat and Ephraim Kishon. Bravo!

edit Trashing

It seems like the last (in)decent version of this page was 05:08, November 11, 2009 (a revert), everything after that is content destruction by people from Dalmatia with no sense of humour.

Is there anything we can do about this? --T1TAN 14:37, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

If you are talking about the poor state of the article then there are several things that can be done. You can try adding this: {{Rewrite}} to the page or you can add it to VFD. But make sure you read this first. --ChiefjusticeDS 14:47, March 8, 2010 (UTC)
I've restored the old version (I hope that's okay). When I asked "is there anything we can do", I was thinking about something like locking the page so only verified users can edit it or something similar. I can pretty much guarantee that more dalmatians will come here and vandalize it..self-deprecating humour is scarce around here. --T1TAN 15:42, March 8, 2010 (UTC)
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