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Grues have nothing to do with cupboarding, just because they chase innocent kittens and eat emos does not mean they like a good fumble with flicky, tramp and wheely.

Come on, who doesn't like a good fumble with those three hotties?!

Actually,flicky makes me feel uncomfortable and seasick. And we all know what wheely gets up to. Stick with trampy. Especially if you like cheese.

Couldn't agree more.....flicky is a bit of a poser too, and so in conclusion, trampy wins.

Well I like wheely. Although they're all a bit of a waste of time and energy. Talking of wastes of space, pumpy joe just texted me asking if I fancied a spot of cupboarding. I assume he had too much beer again...

Have you heard the latest on Pumpy Joe? His boyfriend used the penis pump to inflate a blow-up doll and now it's too loose for him to use. Luckily he had a spare, but he must have overdone it with the squeezing action because apparently it's now the size of a marrow,the colour of an aubergine and stands at a 90 degree angle.

I'm Old Gregg!

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