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page desperately needs bubble bobble reference

Bubble wand solution is banned after a series of mysterious incidents involving children being transformed into pieces of fruit.

furthermore if this page wasn't locked i'd be going through changing some of the months to the more important ones

I'd have liked to add an entry under 2003 about a woman dressed in white going beserk at a German robotics factory and destroying millions of dollars worth of experimental exquipment, later claiming she was filiming for her modern-dance/experimental music collective as a collaboration with the Chicks on Speed, but I suppose it's not very funny anyway.

--Inseutculnaime 15:17, 23 June 2006 (AEST)

heh i can't believe there wasn't one about counter-strike! i added one under 2000

This page should be blank. Yes, that would be quite funnie. --Peder 01:05, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

Oh i get what your saying fag.

edit Which video game

Shouldn't we write which video game. How shall all children and teenagers of today know about the 1970's video games.


I don't think we should. It is not necessary for everyone to recognize every game in the list, each age segment will tend to recognize a particular decade and it'll still be funny that way.

I agree with listing the names of the games joked about. It'll probably look much better if that list wasn't in the main article though... maybe the games should be listed here? Also, shouldn't there be an entry for Starcraft? Or did I just miss it?

By the way, we shoud include 1942/1943 (someone shooting down a plane while flying inverted?) and outrun (no idea what to put about it).

edit Ooh, am I actually allowed to edit the discussion page?


World War II is provoked by a myriad of games depicting "World War II"

THAT'S GENIUS! --User:Nintendorulez 20:33, 21 July 2006 (UTC)


Whole African city destroyed by a space ship warping in space and bringing whole city with it.

edit Diablo 2

A raging blizzard kills several people in Toronto. Later, a young woman confesses to causing it, claiming she was 'just trying to find a set.'. Upon searching her house, police found several human skulls and a dismembered eye, heart, and brain, all of which she claimed she would later 'transmute'.

edit I dunno if its any good but if its okay...

September 21, 1993: Eight different people from different parts of the world gather and start beating each other up. They were arrested shortly after when an old lady threw her dentures at a monk. One of the victims battered and hospitalized was a Native American. When asked on why, they said it was "for a leadership."

October 16, 1994: A repeat incident of Sept. 21 was repeated when the same 8 individuals and 5 others were beating each other up all over an island. One of them was a child, who died at the age of 6. His last words were "I can turn into a dog!" Other victims include some old people, and an arabian man who claimed he had a magic lamp.

Sorry if they aren't any good, I just wanted to help contribute to the fun...

Oh! That's a Power Instinct (Goketsuji Ichizoku) reference. :3 I added that one...~ Hanyouman 07:49, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

edit hows abouts:

2005- a gang of about 8 illegal street racers reak havoc crashing into themselves and others to "gain NOS", "get a 1337 takedown", and "unlock the goddamn firetruck." they where all found listening to CRASH FM.

A.K.A. burnout

A group of teenagers where found to be running around fat kids while carrying very thick wires, the claimed to be "tripping the at-at's" when questioned, the replied with: "i gotta get six kills with my blaster pistol in one life to get the AWARD PISTOL!" "i have to capture the imperials spawn points." "DEFEAT." "VICTORY." "mom says halo is too violent." "little do they know i have a bothan spy!" "UNIT 324 killed NOM AMERAND"

A.K.A. SW: battlefront

edit What about...

April 30th, 2001: A former US President was found dead in front of Federal Hall, New York. The only person found at the scene of the crime was an effeminate man from a military background who, when submitted to questioning, claimed that his girlfriend and CO didn't exist, that 'they put gunpowder in the food', and that he did not know who he was. He was almost imprisoned, but released from custody on the grounds that nobody liked him. His girlfriend revealed that he is now planning to make a return as a 'badass ninja', but this remains to be seen.

edit What about one of the greatest games of all time?!

1993- A man in a green outfit is seen running around armed with a shotgun. Upon sighting an negro man shooting hoops, the felon discharged his gun, killing the basketball player. He was later apprehended while facing a concrete wall and grunting. Upon being questioned about the murder, the man replied; "The ones with the brown skin that throw orange balls can be killed with one shotgun shell. No use wasting cells on them."

I could add that one for you if you give it a particular date. :3 I just hope people think it's okay... Hanyouman 07:50, 13 November 2006 (UTC)
  • And the hardware accelerated "retelling" should get a mention too. Like maybe...
2004 - August 10 - Several maintenance workers at Fermi Labs were shot dead by a marine on a rampage. One eyewitness, a technician named Bernie, testified to police that after being singed by a minor electrical malfunction he'd shuffled up the corridor looking for help and was suddenly confronted by the marine. "I thought I'd seen him before, probably even talked once, and his name was on the tip of my tongue, when the bastard started swinging at me with a crowbar! Lucky for me he was out of ammo." Once captured and interviewed by police psychiatrists, it was clear the criminal was acutely afraid of spiders, large dogs, and the sound of babies crying. He was later convicted on multiple counts of murder and computer crimes, including obtaining unauthorised access to government email systems. While being led from the dock he said only that "It was mostly spam anyway, and Martian Buddy is a ripoff".
- OzJuggler

edit Sorry

Sorry for clogging up the history page with lots of edits. My bad Superscott789 19:29, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

Hanyouman 23:15, 28 November 2006 (UTC)I have a habit of doing that myself~.

edit Here's something...

October 10, 2000: During a fighting tournament between 2 rival companies, 7 of 25 participees were arrested for ruining the construction of a dojo. When they were questioned, a blond-haired red-outfitted fighter asked if they felt the power of his Shinruken.--Nelson340 00:52, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

edit Maybe I missed it...


February 27, 1996 Japanese man enters gym, commits aggravated assault on gym members, incapacitates manager, when questioned, the man replied with "To get the next badge, stupid."

You can go ahead and throw it in if you'd like. :) Hanyouman 06:10, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

edit Battle City anyone?

1985: 20 tanks broke in the local zoo, killing an eagle in one of the bird cages or something like that. -- 10:18, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

edit I'm surprised there isn't any for Big Rigs.

This would be good for it:

December 1, 2003: Thousands of trailer trucks crash while attempting to cross through buildings, climb mountains, and go backwards at the speed of light. The drivers claim that it was to "be winner."

edit Harvest Moon

Year 3

13th day of Spring: A farmer is charged with animal cruelty when he placed all of his chickens on the roof expecting them to find food up there. Later that season, the same man neglected to feed his cows and sheep, which starved. When asked about it, he replied "I married that bitch Anne so she would feed them and I wouldn't have to!"

edit Oh man

The old ones are definitely the best. -- Hindleyite Converse 18:19, 29 July 2008 (UTC)

edit Civ 3


After a successful diplomatic agreement trading silks for one worker, the American ambassador suddenly shouted "That's it! Prepare for WAR!", resulting in a war against the Zulu, where America's finest tanks were massacred in a climatic battle against one battalion of pikemen. America left the war humiliated, but lucky only had to pay a fine of 10 "gold" per year.

edit TF2


October 10: Two identicle twins set up opposing companies (RED and BLU) with the buildings usually in desert enviroments and less than 10 metres from each other. The twins then hired a selection of men with many talents to go fight each other, capture breifcases, holograms or blow each other up. The twins were soon arrested under the battle royale act. The twins now prepare for sudden death.

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