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edit Whoops!

Captains log: Stardate 503 666 delta. I'm afraid I accidentally clicked the "report a problem" register. Ha, all I wanted to do is check out what it does. Well, if you came here to see where the "problem" is ... there's none. Regards, --BlackInkWriterBlackInk2 08:49, 12 February 2008 (UTC)

Well, I hacked out a few bits which I did not think were helping, but basically I recommend the following...
  • Read through, trying to see where you could trim it down more. Less is often more, an I think this can be more concise.
  • Add a few more links to other good articles relating to this subject.
  • Obviously try to come up with some new material. This is not the first article we have had like this, and it needs something to lift it from the rest if you want to think about VFH.
  • Try not to make the article appear to be written so much from a particular perspective. When covering subjects like this, it's best to take a neutral view, and let the reader decide. It's funnier like that. ;)
  • Don't add any god dam templates!
  • Read around the subject a bit more. Try to find some more real life references which you can use, and play with. What about the WoW thing when they thought they had discovered life from another world yet it turned out to be a pulsar?
  • Consider if the lists you have are really adding anything to the article. Generally people don't like lists...
  • Keep trying. You can make this better!

Hope that helps. If you want any more feedback after you have made the changes I suggest, as on my talk page. Good luck! MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 15:19, Mar 29

edit Improvements

So, I understand it's still a long way from getting VFH. Your changes are fine, thank you. I didn't know the right place to put those images within the code. I thought the main idea was kind of funny and original. On the way, I was running out of consistent ideas/humor. But there's plenty o'room for fooling around with the subject, so that should be no prob. I'll come back on your offer (Talkpage) as soon as I think it's a big deal better than before.--BlackInkWriterBlackInk2 16:23, 30 March 2008 (UTC)

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