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Chile redirects to here... Create a page for Chile (country)

It will only end up being troll'd and flam'd. Just as usual. I'll make sure of it X:D

Other user: I back you up! a page for mein country!

  • "mein" country? What are you german?
  • Other user: No, I simply like it more than your american my
  • Who the hell told you I'm a gringo?
  • Well.. this is proof enough that you don't understand Chilean sense of Humour. ;)

edit Chile

:-( I want uncyclopedia to have an article about my country... I'll send Miguel de Cervantes to unblock Chile... you'll see -- 21:54, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

Pffft... The last Chile article was trolled into its destruction more than 100 times before being finally killed for good. If it weren't because of me, that country would still exist in Uncyclopedia.

Probably those Peruvian, Bolivian and Argentian people, because they have no pie and Chile has free pie.

Chileans have no sense of humor, they will delete the page and sue you for defamation. We know about geography since we added shit on wikipedia, to keep it actual and factual. Most Americans will never give a shit about Chile, except we have planted a dictator to replace another to keep making dough$. + 04:54, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

edit Chileans

(From the deleted lists of stereotypes page, but I liked how it well described Chileans...and how they are boosting about their people on the internetz (like usual). + 05:06, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

  • Love the UK and call themselves 'The British of Latin America'. (Not true... that's was the "jaguar" of Latin America int he 90's)
  • Think they are superior to everyone else in Latin America because 99% of them claim to be descended from the Germans and the British. (errr... false)
  • Claimed to own Antarctica, all of the Americas and the Moon. (Yup... 100% true)
  • Have giant Superiority complex. (Only the rich bitches, the other 99% have inferiority complex)
  • Hate Argentines. (Not really)
  • Hate Peruvians, Bolivians, Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Paraguains and Uruguains. (Only Peruans and bolivians... the rest aren't our bussiness)
  • Hate Jews, black people, Asians and especially American eco-tourists. (You sure have lived in Chile??)
  • Are hated by Peruvians, Argentines, Bolivians, Colombians, Mexicans and many others. (Hell yeah!!)
  • Wear Sunglasses even when it's snowing. (Hell Yeah!!)
  • Get mad when they are not number one. (Only in soccer... duh!)
  • ALWAYS wear dark suits or trenchcoats. (WTF!!??)
  • Always wear black. (again WTF??)
  • Arrogant! (You are talking about politicians only right??)
  • Women have ridiculously big boobs. (false boobs and sillicon boobs are a must in Chile :))
    • If they were false, they wouldn't sag as they do
  • Industrious, precise and punctual. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! yeah... that's was good bud!)
  • Militaristic, regimented and abusive. (Only if you are dressed in green)
  • Cruel, brutal and pushy. (Only Santiago)
  • Obsessed with cleanliness (sorta). (Yup... 100% real... these guys really believe in that)
  • Think are better for being more European that Peruvians and Bolivians although in reality they're also Mestizos (bad word if said by non-Chileans). (Not really, just believe they got more money than them, nothing more, nothing less)
  • Hires other Latin Americans to work in their economy. (Other latinamericans are cheaper than chilens themselves)
  • Think Chile is a continent. (Only applies to those living in the big island of Chiloé, Isla de Pascua, and Punta Arenas City)
  • Rich Chileans live in Santiago. (False... they live in a town close to Santiago)
  • Poor Chileans live in Quoquimbo. (Poor Chileans live in Lota)
  • Even more rich Chileans flee to Australia. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! really good one bud!!)
  • Think Chile is a continent (but a very thin piece of shit). (Again, only guys living in islands think that)
  • Are angry. (Hell yeah!)
  • All work for Electronics or weapons corporations. (No... we work for mine sites and rich people)
  • Women have HUGE asses. (You got a good taste boy)
    • A bit on the flat side, actually. D:
  • Think snow is beautiful and sexy. (errrmmm... i think you need a psychiatrist)
  • Think they invented everything. (No... just the Pisco)
  • It is sooooooo 1987. (F*** right!)
  • Like building skyscrapers on uneven soil. (Yup... is funny to see the faces of tourist during an earthquake... priceless)
  • All drive a Mercedes or BMW. (Nah... any car is good)
    • I think the most popular car, at least in Santiago, is the Toyota Yaris.
  • Have hot women. (You got a good eye bud!)
  • All work for Heckler & Koch. (What is that??)
  • Build weapons for a war they'll never have. (We don't build weapons. Just buy the Junk that big countries discard at the cheapest price possible and make sure to everyone believe otherwise)
  • Want to nuke the rest of the world. (We aren't chinese nor US citizens, duh!)
  • Big, tall, and Douche-like.
    • Tall!? Hah. I'm 5'11" and tower over most anyone who's not from Plaza Italia and up.
  • Heads...those awful heads. (hahahahahaha HEll YEAH!!)
  • All the guys have long curly brown hair. (sure sure..)
  • All the girls are pretty "patties" (no makeup...eeww). (sure ewww.)
  • Lazy but the wealthiest South American country. (Our thieves aren't lazy)
    • Thieves aren't lazy, indeed. International "lanzas" (pickpockets), pregnant girls who climb apartment buildings, crash and carry, etc... D:
  • Build aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines NOT TO INVADE PERU. (We aren't interested nor care a shit about our neighbors... Just want to prevent another "Malvinas island" case)
  • Bless god for the Andes to keep out the Argentines. (amen)
  • Hate America.
  • Love to snowboard but are terrible at it. (100% factual!)
  • It is always cold and never sunny. (yeah right)
  • Obsessed with education. (only the politicians. The rest are obsessed with penis and vaginas)
  • Deny their South American heritage. (Yup.. thats true)
  • Have pointy noses. (another true)
  • Are rich assholes. (only the 0.1% qualifies)
  • Stoic, unemotional and repressed. (100% true)
  • Reputation for toughness. (100% true)
  • Depressed, high suicide rate. (No... we don't suicide... we kill the next guy that crosses our path)
  • Alcoholic. (True)
  • Xenophobic. (No... we are clasists... not xenophobes... you sure are talking about Chile or Spain?)
  • Turn into SS stormtroopers whenever it rains, and since Chile has a cold climate this means it happens a lot. (Nahhh... just the cities are so badly designed that is a must)
  • Over paranoid about germs. (Only in Santiago.. Remember that in Chile, Hospitals and Doctors aren't free and if you don't have money or a contracted health plan, they will let you die if you don't have money)
  • Complaining is there national sport. (No.. is the second... Soccer is the national sport)
  • Have teeth so white they are known to blind Argentines. (No.. we paint our teeth to appear white)
  • Are straight, but acts gay. (But you can't say this in Chile...)
  • Smarter than Americans. (Just like the rest of Not-Americans)
  • Smarter than French people. (We don't let our goverment to censure us in the interwebs)
  • French people of the Hispanics. (WTF??)
  • I said arrogant? (Only in santiago)
  • Most developed Latin American nation, but not in the western or southern hemispheres (that's the USA! and Aussies, mate.) (develpoed... we??...)

And yes.. our humour sense is Crap compared with english humour sense. That's why will never exists a page called Chile in the english version of the uncyclopedia... but we have one in the "inciclopedia" ;)

edit Chile

Why does this article have two separate sections? One about the country and one about the cold. The articles should be separate.

The old article on Chile was voted for deletion, appropriately, as it was only a couple paragraphs of cruft. A restart has now begun, and everything in this article that is about Chile will either go there or go away. For starters, however, Chile won't be open to editing by Chileans — unless they pick a user name and show that they are here to be funny and not just to say true things, good things, or bad things about the country. Spıke Ѧ 17:17 29-Dec-13
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