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CHRISTopher Lee (you know he is really Chinese. I'm sorry if that is true. I wanted to be stupid, NOT funny....

MY HERO: I was headed down the MA turnpike at 1:00 a.m. and went into labor. I had just been to the drive-in movies and seen "Dracula" (one of the Hammer/Nails productions)and couldn't think of a name for my soon to be son, hence he flew into this world (damn near), as Christopher Lee.

however...... I am fairly certain I can be stupid and not JUST funny (for CHRIST's sake don't HUFF me). This is my 1st time so give me a chance. My stash is low and I have to make a trip. I shall follow your lead but only for so long. (The not-turd version)<<>>DAS The preceding unsigned comment was added by Debbie Stringer (talk • contribs)

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