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whoever made this page obviously still lives in chilliwack why dont you just move you fucking faggot...

Nappa from Dragonball Z lives in Chilliwak. Really he does. Look it up. He goes by the name Takahata101. If you don't believe me than you suck

I understand that the author of this article has his/her own opinion, but the so called `facts` are not fact at all. I am currently living in Calgary and am going to Chilliwack next month since my husband got transfer there. And since I dont have a choice, I tried to collect as much information about the town as I could. so far I have found most of the info useful; til I found this site.

I dont believe for a second that UFV is a party/drug abusive school. My friend who is attending UBC now was transferred from UFV. He said since the class is taught in a small group, students get more attentions from the professors compare to other Universities in BC that has a higher prestige. I am looking forward to be one of its student.

I must say this article makes me sick. I hope the person who wrote this article could be more considerate. I am sure the students and teachers have worked very hard to give a good reputation. Its easy for one to judge the others but too blind to see the problems of themselves.

If Cilliwack is full of drug abusive takers like the author said, chances is this person might be a crack-head him or herself. so dont take this fake wiki site seriously. moreover, there is high-crime area in every single town / city. so unless you are living in the mountain cave; you most likely gonna end up in a place that has crimes. just be alert and dont do anything stupid; then you will be fine.

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