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"Not to mention that he also was a drug dealer in the army to gain money for his small "Revolutionary" Steps and also his futile attempts to win the "Best Communist" prize from Castro got seriuosly w0n3d by a chechenian that shot his head AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NO MORE DRUGS FOR CHE AND ALL HIS FUCKING MASSACRE , FILTHY COMMUIST PIG!1 (1337)" -that's not funny, that's ONLY flaming che, since it's not funny?

Che pwns all u n00bz!!!

I seriously think this is a lame page. Its not funny, has some real lame photoshops, and 3 quaters of it is a list of random celebrities. It really think this needs to be deleted and re-written.

Okay, why did somebody change the very witty paragraph on his practical application so that Che is turning over in his grave because of communism rather than commercialization? It's not funny and it doesn't make any fucking sense.-- 01:24, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

/\ commies smell like shit

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