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You deleted my entire article and replaced it with a work in progress >:( it seems what you are adding could have been put without removing the already existing information

edit Why Central Park here

I don't understand why you have Central Park here. I think this part should be removed or the rest of your article should be moved out of the article named Central Park.

edit Message to Groveling Insect (unsigned user)

  1. Sorry Bob799 the previous Central Park article sucked.
  2. You with the unsigned question- when people hear the words "Central Park", they think of THE CENTRAL PARK in NYC, not a 'centralized park'. Although that concept is subtly amusing, I think all of us would prefer an article on something meaningful, rather than ANOTHER random article with no real world significance.--Claudius Prime 16:47, 22 March 2006 (UTC)
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