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edit Personally, I blame IRC.

I'd have entered this in the writing competition except that large chunks of it are courtesy others, as per the below.

keitei I don't think it comes across, but the name was inspired by "My Battle with Cancer"
DavidGerard oh dear. did that feature bad poetry too?
DavidGerard "my battle with cancer" by who? 
keitei dunno
keitei it's a common name
keitei for cancer survivor stories
DavidGerard i know
Mhaille usually some 1960s film star
keitei I wanted to find one
keitei to spork from
keitei but I couldn't
keitei it made me sad
DavidGerard strange. cancer is inherently funny.
DavidGerard like auschwitz
DavidGerard and fucking children.
keitei eheheeheh
keitei you're worse than I am
Splarka there needs to be articles about X-rated versions of those movies
DavidGerard Splarka: which movies?
Splarka "My deep battle with cancer"
DavidGerard Splarka: oh my fucking god. you're an evil genius.
Splarka "chemotheRAPEy"
* DavidGerard adds it to /Ideas
keitei Chemo the Rapey
keitei almost a porno superhero
DavidGerard keitei: EWWWWWWWWWWW
* DavidGerard loves this channel, in a bad and wrong way without a condom
Splarka deeg:
DavidGerard more cancer porn please.
Splarka "I was a cancer, and she was a Virgo, and we did it in my Taurus"
Mhaille "My Left Breast"
DavidGerard Splarka: yes, their quote was put on qdb!
Splarka heh, good one
keitei "Life Without Nuts"
Mhaille V for Vasectomy
Splarka "My life without Penis"
Splarka btw haille: My Left Breast (2000) 
keitei Extreme Lesbian Surgical Action
Splarka "Moon on the Man"
Mhaille when we were adding content to Worst 100 Porn Movies of All Time......I realised most of them exist
Splarka "The Bukkakeist"
DavidGerard Mhaille: hahaha
Splarka (The Shootist was John Wayne's last good movie, and in it he was a gunfighter dying of cancer)
keitei My Three Year Old Gave Me AIDS
Mhaille I know its spelt wrong....
Splarka Debby Does Diagnosis
Splarka The Open surgery of Misty Beethoven
Splarka Girls Gone Bald
Splarka Flesh Blemish Gordon
Splarka Tumor, I Love You
Splarka Organ Donor List Lust
Splarka Emmanuelle in Dialysis (sp?)
Mhaille Cyster Act
Splarka Tumor Days in the Valley?
Splarka Amanda and the Alien Growth
DavidGerard need names based on popular pr0n movies. if there is such a thing any more.
Splarka deeg: ran out ages ago
DavidGerard ProstateMan Does Brazil
Mhaille Deep Throat Cancer
* Elvis has quit ()
keitei DG: I made a picture for the ADD one
* yyy ( has joined #uncyclopedia
keitei hey whywhy, help us brainstorm cancer porn
yyy That’s a horribly debilitating that cancer porn
yyy jesus cancer porn ok
DavidGerard JESUS Cancer Porn!
DavidGerard :-O
DavidGerard "Body of Christ." *unzip* *think* "Damn."
Codeine and sucjlike
Codeine just a random ejaculation, as it were
Mhaille morning (just) Codeine
DavidGerard Codeine: funny you should mention random ejaculations
Codeine o_O
DavidGerard we need cancer porn jokes. as many as possible.
Codeine "cancer porn"?
YYY disney cancer porn?
DavidGerard YYY: oh you are so wrong and bad. i'm picturing one of those porn drawings of snow white and the seven dwarves, all bald and really skinny.
YYY during the holocaust?
Codeine lol-ocaust
DavidGerard keitei: um, every pervy movie about nazi fetishism.
Codeine Holocaust porn?
YYY if it was profitable disney would be in, but they would have branded touchstone
Codeine You're telling me the pictures of all those naked chicks queuing for hte showers didn;t turn you on even a little?
keitei instead of labor camps.... porn camps...
* YYY is a bad girl
DavidGerard YYY is a girl?
keitei no
MoneySign Sure he is.
keitei whywhy has gender identity issues it seems
YYY its the only way i can get some with a lady
YYY so i rape myself
YYY of course ima not a willing particapant
keitei whywhy... quit while you're ahead...
YYY whilte watching disney holocaust cancer porn
YYY i accept mastercard and visa
YYY if only bush had of delivered disney holocaust cancer porn to new orleans they may have servived
<YYY> has anyone got over porn?
<keitei> remove your eyes with a surgical knife
<YYY> let alone cancer porn
<YYY> i guess anyone over porn isnt in here
<Mhaille> "One of the first Porn Stars to benefit from the popularity of Cancer Porn was actor John 
  Holmes, famed for his impressive cancerous growth."
<YYY> really the growth of the internet could be sumed up as cancer porn
<keitei> I don't suppose I'm over porn, since I was never into it to begin with
<Mhaille> "Star of Deep Throat Nodules, Holmes shot to international fame."
<YYY> Keitei: i hope i never see you into it
<keitei> okay, whatever that means
<YYY> personally i rank porn stars and disney movie stars as having the same morals though
<YYY> the diffrence is that one of the whores has a smaller audience 
<Splarka> in the 90s, all the porn places used to have links to for the links to "I am  not over 18"
<YYY> so what they are saying is disney is porn for kids?
�<Splarka> mental masturbation anyways
<Mhaille> that Snow White is mighty fine
<Mhaille> she could take a bite of my magic apple
<YYY> the acting abilities are very comparable 
<YYY> and disney chicks always have massive tits
<YYY> and disney have done their fair share of screwing with kids minds

edit Wow..This is fucked up.

But the shock value is there.--Belligerent Possom 04:03, 9 July 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, I was going to make a comment like "oh you should be ashamed of your self and blah blah blah" but that's what they WANT you to do.

Seriously though, it is rather offensive. Honestly.

There really isn't a line on Uncyclopedia, is there? Awesome. --Bheid 19:56, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

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