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It was funny for the first 2 paragraphs, but the last two are pretty stupid. Rewrite, anyone?

it's a copy of that other "accurate" wiki.

It was so fucking incorect!

  1. include <STD ISD PCO.h>
  2. include <mobile.h>
  3. include <sms.h>
  4. include <love.h>
  5. define Cute beautiful_lady // where the fuck is definition for beatiful_lady??

int main() { goto college; scanf("100%" ,&ladies); //C uses scanf, not c++, dum fucks. c++ uses cin ?? operator! if(lady ==Cute) line++; //What line?? while( !reply ) { printf("I Love U"); //again, no print f. cout << "I Love U"; scanf("100%" ,&reply); //cin >> reply; } if(reply == "GAALI") /* GAALI = ABUSE */ main(); /* go back and repeat the process */ else if(reply == "SANDAL ") exit(1); else if(reply == "I Love U") { lover =Cute; love = (heart*)malloc( sizeof(lover) ); } goto restaurant; restaurant: { food++; smile++;

               if(pay  && lover) // dont want a crash, do we?

pay->money = lover->money;

              } /* else { printf("geez, just saved us from a crash"); } */

return(college) ; } if(time==2.30) goto cinema; cinema: { watch++; if(intermission) { coke++; Popecorn++; } } } Edit

edit Preincrement

I know it's a joke, but still: (int C=someInteger) C++ doesn't equal C=C+1, C=C+1 equals ++C. But that's not the same as C++.

The return value of the prefix ++ (++C) is C=C+1, but the postfix ++ (C++) returns C (the value before incrementation. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Thank you for your comment. Some authors play fast-and-loose with the facts in devising their jokes, and that is legitimate here. If you can write something equally funny without the inaccuracy, please jump in. Spıke Ѧ 12:16 10-Jan-13

edit Errors in Last Example

The last example's errors:

scanf format strings are invalid. no newline in printf. cannot compare strings: must use strcmp from <string.h>. you use sizeof pointer in the malloc. no label college. braces around labels are unnecessary. thy coding style sucketh The preceding unsigned comment was added by Firefly431 (talk • contribs)

Sir, you might not realize that this is a humor website and that this page is not one of the "encyclopedia entries" but a discussion page. I repeat my advice in the previous section. Spıke Ѧ 00:43 11-Jan-13
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