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'Breaking the Fifth' was the title of a 2007 indie feature starring Broadway and film actor Frank Langella. The plot revolves around a manic playwright who considers himself a 'method' wordsmith, that is, his writing and thus his performers are not merely creating a fictional reality, they are actually stepping fully into the story/performance, blurring the line between audience and stage. 'Breaking the Fifth Wall' of the theater, as Langellas' character states, is a either a journey of extraordinary art or a frightening drop into something no one can control. In the film, he chooses two young actors to perform in a new play about two young people decending into madness, utter insanity. These unfortunates break the fifth wall when they actually start to go insane, and cease to be two actors 'faking it'. It's a very black comedy, but certainly illuminates some of the dangers of taking ones art too far.

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