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"Boston Market, AKA Star Gate meets Star Trek the series meets Star Shit, is a hit United States television show (2004-Present) Staring James Spader and William Shatner The show is centered on two lawyers, rising star Alan Shit (James Spader) and fading ember Denny Crap (William Shatner) who are Lawyers by day, STD carriers by night. Many episodes portray serious issues like (brace yourself) Iraq, War on Terror, US legal system, Death Penalty, Abortion, Gay rights, Canivorism, Sex, Drugs, Nudity, Mental Health, William Shatner, Affirmative Action, Civil Rights, Republicans, while still being able to deliver the material in a comedic fasion that is actually quite commonly done these days by writers for all sorts of different shows, movies and those shitty youtube videos."

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