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 The Black Hawk Helicopter

The Black Hawk Helicopter(blah-ck-haw-ck....not black-cock)


"The black Hawk thinking about playing Pocket pool"

The Black Hawk is a rare breed between a chicken and a Yeti. The Black Hawk was first discovered by British

19th century explorer Marco Pole-ho on a weekly drinking binge, when he stumbled apon a rare bird jerking off in an abandoned alley.

 More Info About the Black Hawk

A "helicopter" is a type of bird who masturbates on a daily bases "heli" is french for "masturbation" and "copter" is laten for "hawk". Black hawks were used by the military to cum on the enemies. With its very far range and great accuracy you can guaruntee that the enemy will be running around in circles screaming "WTF!!!WTF!!!".

   The History Of The Black Hawk

The black hawk helecopter is infamous for the incident known as "Black Hawk Down". This incident took place in a country called Smallyeah. At approximately 1:30 pm on January 31 a Black Hawk was shot down with a RPG(Rocket perpelled Gram cracker) witch caused all of the Smallyean malitia to suround the Black Hawk and poke it with a stick. The entire U.S army made it to the crash site and took the sticks and broke them in half which caused the Smallyeans to cry and go home.

   Black Hawks Today

Today Black Hawks are used to add an extra gooey element to the marine's M.R.Es. The Black Hawk's combat duty was replaced by the "Cumanchee" a newer version of the "Apachee" which is found to be much more efficient than the Black Hawk.

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