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Creating page to banish the red link at the top of the page. Red links blow chunks, dude. Aleister 13:15 30-12-'11

What's with the file:Neon.gifs? 1234 ~ 16px-Pointy 19:55, 2 January 2012
Hi! That's right, you don't have your gif thingamejigger activated. The gif is row after row of neon lights all moving in lines, meant to indicate either the active mind of a bipolar girl or the electronic stimuation that goes on in the brain of such a strange creature. I have some really good bipolar women friends, and one family member, so much of the things on the page actually occurred! Yikes. I have to edit it further, which is why I logged on. I hope you win some of the year awards this year, youse a treasure. Aleister 20:45 2-1-'12

An EEG of Bipolar Girl's brain. On a good day:
NeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeon NeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeon NeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeonNeon

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