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can I add this?

Let's pump up this pot!! -Howard Lederer Q:Why when you see the bear you better don't run? A:Because Bear like fast food.

edit Blaer

There's also a page on blaers and baers Coolerderek 22:04, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

edit  ?

why no mention that bear attacks are the number one threat facing americans?

 -some dude (please sign...)

Cause it wasn't thought of before they protected this...


Also, we need to expose the Pro-Bear Agenda!

When bears weren't the #1 threat last winter, it was because they were hibernating or "Regrouping" as the eminent Dr. Stephen T. Colbert warned.

edit Add an Image for me

This image needs to be put in:

preferrably just beneath the hunter, with a witty comment like "that hunter has another thing comin'!"

Bears are attracted to menstration...

The Blow Bear caption should read: "Bears invented the godless act of foreplay."

edit bears suk=

bears are soulless godless killing machines often found in the cohorts of nazis, if you should run into a bear, it is best advised to get a choke hold on it and punch it in the jaw, like the guy on the discovery commercial bears are overly hairy because they are french women hookers

edit Add trivia section?

We should add a trivia section which should include the following:

  • It is common knowledge that if you were to strap a bulletproof vest to a bear it would become invincible.
  • Bears teeth are made of adamantium.
  • Yogi bear was actually a marmot.


edit Medved

Where is Medved (what said "Preved")? May be, add this image in the article?

Где Медвед (который говорит "Превед")? Может быть, добавить этот рисунок в статью?


Ден Зурин

edit Fuzzy Wuzzy no so fuzzy

If bears have no hair and in fact don't care, would it hurt to stare, or would they maul you in your chair?

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