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In 1976, Mr. Peanut the leading expert in food marketing specializing in presentation and photography, carefully observed the graphic of the "bean" in the top left corner and noticed that by careful optical manipulation the photographer actually photographed a potato on a large green j-cloth to make it look like a bean, thereby producing the best possible visual presentation of a bean.

"This is just another fine example of photographic manipulation used by food marketers to lure consumers": said Mr. Peanut top hat and monocle, while adressing food consumer groups. "I myself am a product of this industry, propagating the myth that peanuts are nuts when they are in fact legumes.

edit Ugh

Maybe its just me but i dont find nothing funny about beans, not even the fart jokes.


I think you should switch to cabbage or somthing, its just dull.

-- 18:27, 19 August 2007 (UTC)Arcanaruto

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