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Filmed in Bunkry!

MUST be added to the website!

edit Famous Alky Bunkorians

Andy Stewart, the kilt wearing folkie, drunk himsel tae death at the top of Raemoir Rd when he found out the Cooncil were building hooses in his front garden.

Lady Boyd Rochford, mother of horse trainer Henry Cecil, was often seen necking a bottle of courvoisier outside Brucie Adam's shop before heading back to Inchmarlo House.

Don Masson, captain of Scotland in Argentina 1978, once failed to turn up to the primary school he attended as a loon because he was pissed in the Raemoir Hotel.

Colin and Maggie Smith who made the daily crawl from the Golf Club, via the Burnett to the Kerloch on their way to cirhossis heaven.

Cheers! Bunkry was so bad they sought relief in something other than a sheep!

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