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edit Skinfan13's kinda getting tired of the judging. This category is huge...

Humour: 9 This one has so far given me the best fits of chuckles. I wasn't quite sure about how this was going to turn out after scrolling through the endless sea of kaleidoscope images, but this is pretty damn funny, and even has the potential to be even funnier with a little format tweaking. The introduction though leaves a little to be desired, and the first section with the colored images feels really drawn out and prohibitively long, but damn is the last 2/3rds funny as hell. I especially liked the bit about the "show on at 2 am" especially considering this isn't just a kids channel, its a goddam channel for infants.
Concept: 7.5 Didn't come across clearly until the text came about after the kaleidoscope gallery. At first I was kinda like, "alright, uhh wut" but then it dawned on me that the channel was kind of the product of an "artist" stonner pervert, which is actually surprisingly funny. A highly inappropriate channel for infants that is tailored for infants. I especially like the mocking tone you set against the "film elitists" who like complicated colorful images for no reason other than its "artsy." Like an infant.

Or maybe I'm reading into this a little too much? IDK. All I know is that with some pruning of the kaleidoscope-a-thon and a little retooling of you intro, you've got a pretty good article. Maybe adding a little more in the middle would be good too.

Prose and formatting: 7 Not a fan of the excessively large image gallery man. I know it serves a purpose, but its very large and long. It also feels out of place as the first section. Don't really have many tips on improving that. For the most part though, this is good to go. (maybe a few more blue-links couldn't hurt)
Images: 8.5 Despite the over-abundance of images, you've chosen some really good ones to help make the jokes in this article. I was audibly chuckling when I came to some on them.
Miscellaneous: 8 All in all, Flamingo, this is a pretty good article. I'd like to see you work on it a bit more to fully realize its potential, but this is pretty good as-is also.
Final Score: 40
Reviewer: -- Sf13 Upsilonsigmasigmacrest 0115 EST 8 FEB 2011
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