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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Austria-Hungary article.
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edit From Pee Review

I've been working on this on and off for about a year now (with the occasional bit of help from others) and wouldn't mind some suggestions on making it better. Cheers --Zarbag 12:39, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 10 I laughed out loud all the way through. Hilarious!
Concept: 9 Nice, straightforward encyclopedia style article, with added dick jokes. Works really well.
Prose and formatting: 9 Well written in solid encyclopedic style.
Images: 8 Good, relevant pictures with very funny captions. I particularly liked the flag, and the picture of King Peter
Miscellaneous: 9 All in all, I loved this one. It's well written, it sticks fairly close to the truth with the occasional side-trip into absurdity. The running gags work well and are not overdone.
Final Score: 45 I'm putting this right on VFH.
Reviewer: --Cap'n Sir Ben GUN WotM VFH VFP 12:57, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

edit Wow.

An Uncyclopedia article about a country, which didn't suck as of 2007. That is a fucking accomplishment. ~ BB ~ (T) Icons-flag-usThu, Jul 12 '12 4:41 (UTC)

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