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I appreciate the additions of material on this page; however, the first The Comprehensive List of Assholes, while not a bad idea in and of itself, is pretty much just a disjointed list with no real method behind who is placed on this list.

The second, the Asshole as Boss of the Body, is something that was here before. It is a very old joke that pulls up about a million hits on Google and wasn't written by whoever originally placed it here, whoever that was. But thank you both for the thought. --Imrealized 14:45, 26 March 2006 (UTC)

Agreeably, The Asshole as Master of The Body, is an old, old joke. If it was a stand-alone joke, then I would agree with its deletion. But as part of a larger article, I believe that it is appropriate. Uncyclopedia can be a compendium of the old and the new. With respect to the originality, I think the joke clearly falls into the Public Domain and can be copied here even if we are not the "originators". Google may have many references, but it is still funny and I think that it can coexist here. The donkey part can go since it doesn't fall under anything other than a one-liner. However, I will leave the decision of reversion to the person who removed it and who has better ability and talent than myself, since I do not want to start a revert war with someone I admire (i.e. Imrealized) Yendor33 15:38, 26 March 2006 (UTC)

I see what you are saying but I'll tell ya my rationale for removing that snippet. Whenever I stumbled upon the Asshole page originally (I think through Random Page) that was pretty much the first thing on the page and I found myself feeling really disappointed to see such an old joke on this site, which I imagined would be fresh, new material. And now with the new material, I feel like that last line "That's what makes them assholes" sorta punches the whole article home and then to have that joke afterwards removes from the article. But that is merely my opinion and I'm willing to compromise. How's this sound... I'll be leaving this site soon; I have one or two more projects that I had roiling through my cranium and then I'll be peacin' out. Let's leave it this way for now, think about if you feel it necessary to add that material back in over the next week or two and then when I jet you are most free to do what thou whilt (which is the whole of the law). Sound cool? --Imrealized 20:25, 26 March 2006 (UTC)
Every viewpoint has a different, whatchamacallit. Okay, for now. But after you leave, I'm also going to terrorize Sith Vicious and make sure it remains to your exacting standards (i.e. that it is not vandalized, even by me). Wish you would stay longer, but I understand and respect your reasoning. --Yendor33 20:50, 26 March 2006 (UTC)

edit Sorted out horrible piccies

Jesus, its not hard to place pictures properly is it? Sticking four pictures in a row in the first section is horrid and worse still they were all aligned to the right!!!!!! WTF??

edit Rearrangement

Rearranged the quotes and first paragraph cos they were all over the place. Considering the subject matter I believe this entry could be a lot funnier in my humble opinion. It should start with a definition such as "The term asshole refers to any human being who acts "funny stuff". It is believed to have originated in Bono / Russel Crow / 's etc dressing room when "some funny asshole incident". Anyway I'll try come up with something but I'm sure there's some real funny shit to be said here. Also a "Types of Asshole" section could work as well with examples. "Born Assholes" (examples: Dick Cheney, Adolf Hitler etc ) "Acquired Assholes" (examples Ben Elton, Billy Connolly etc). "Assholes who don't know they're assholes" (examples Bono, Bob Geldof etc) "Assholes who know they're assholes and in fact make a living out of being Assholes" (examples Russel Crow, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Flatley, God, etc) or something. You get the idea.

EDIT: Oh yeah and a picture of that dickhead from Nickleback should be the definitive image of an asshole.

edit Aww the Ass/Donkey/Mule is so Cute!

Yeah and make it funnier please! The hummer thing made me chuckle, slightly. Eh

edit Aww the Ass/Donkey/Mule is so Cute!

Yeah and make it funnier please! The hummer thing made me chuckle, slightly. Eh

--Sup Wigga's 02:17, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

edit In other languages

it:Buco del culo-- 13:53, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

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