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edit From Pee Review

An old Lancastrian is a former member of Lancaster Royal Grammar School for boys who was enough money to pay his way into the exclusive facist club for rich royalists. Members of this club are allowed to bully poorer pupils and automatically get an added 30% in each exam. They also get to become Old Lancastrians when they leave. An old Lancastrian is able to attend school events and is given a bonus pension by the school each year. the money for this is taken from the compulsory funds which pupils are forced to give (unless they are part of the facist club for rich royalists). Here are some distinguished old lancastrians:

Carl Havstoc(border)- dictator of Czechoslovakia 1987-89 Miclaus Sloski- the devil incarnate Mr Jago- first european to row around the world Mr Hitchings- honoury womble Sir Tracy- won a nobel peace prize Mr Millat- starred in the movie: 'King Kong' Margerat Thatcher- primeminister of Britain 1979-89 Mr Gause- won a gold medal for office chair racing in the 2004 olympics Ivan the Terrible (border)- Tsar of russia Julius Ceasar- roman dictator

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