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This is shit, can anyone clean it up? Skeelz 12:16, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

edit Sheer genius

ooh la la...

Brilliant gooner bagging of the highest order.

some suggestions: call fabianski "lukazc flappy-handski"

                         jens lehman-brothers

byebye (ps: "ihr seit alle hurenkinder!"

edit Orrigins

Arse +Anal

edit Rewrite

I rewrote on this page as it was utter shite. Just being racist and slagging off Arsenal isn't funny (unless maybe you're a 12yr old). This page defintely needs more added to it but I think it's far more in keeping with a real uncyclopediac entry compared to the previous crap. 08/02/09

edit Suggestion to be in the beginning

A trophy?! Where? - Arsène Wenger on his managing career with Arsenal

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