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This Country doesn't exists

The fractual accuracy of above exclamation is absolutely undisputable.

Official religion Postmodern Psychonalysis

Funny if you don't live here. Sadly, it's true.

"mina", here in argentina, is a slang term for "woman" and it's widely used when talking to people informally.

edit To be funny or not to be funny

About the recently added 'use mina instead of mujer' in the language section: Mina is used in so many other Latinamerican countries that in this article and context it really does not add any more humour than there already is (the added 'boludo' for example is brilliant and definately Argentine only. Anybody else thinks that should be reversed? -- 11:34, 30 May 2007 (UTC)cme

Definitly unfunny. This site sucks. I'm off to B The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

edit This is supposed to be a joke

But it's not supposed to start getting into stupid petty resentment and odio by people from other countries (which I have a good idea and won't mention).

I will keep the maradona picture up as it's not too offensive. But anything further and going beyond this, specially if it shows clear signs of homophobic statements, will be promptly deleted.

People are welcome to add their stereotypes and the like, just don't cross the line. Thedugout 18:10, 20 September 2006 (UTC)

edit Funniest shit ever

I´m argentinian, but still, I love it!!!! lololololololollol

I agree with this boludo, boludo.

Me too, bolu2 (Argentine l337 sp34k) --Dexter prog 20:57, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Yo tmb boludo. --R. Daneel Olivaw (Gaia - Foundation) 02:15, 18 October 2007 (UTC)

Wait until the elections, it is going to be funnier

Yeah, they're over... still sad Cristina won, but it would've been the same with almost anybody else. Still, Cristina! Why pick her? --R. Daneel Olivaw (Gaia - Foundation) 01:01, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

edit Great! And one thing that should be added

Im from Argentina and I really love this article, I dont know if this is funny for other people, but Im sure people here would love it.

Horacio Fontova (an argie comedian), has a tango song that goes very well with this article. Here are the lyrics in spanish:

Los argentinos somos vivos porque somos mucho mas piola que los demas. Por eso es que en todo el mundo admiran nuestra contundente superioridad. Somos tan lindos y tan importantes, y tan fascinante nuestra sobriedad. Que en ningun sitio pueden olvidarse de nuestra humildad. Los europeos, buenos consejeros, siempre buenas ondas nos quieren tirar. Rusos y yankis, que nos quieren tanto, siempre se pelean por nuestra amistad. En cambio los latinoamericanos, subdesarrollados, no podran jamas, ser tan hermosos como nuestra pura estirpe nacional.

Por eso a los argentinos, nos quieren en todas partes, porque somos el baluarte de toda la humanidad. Por eso es que en la Argentina, invierten de todas partes, porque imperialismo aparte, nos quieren homenajear.

No creas nunca que los argentinos somos mas cretinos que el peor rufian. Y que ademas seamos pobres tipos con flor de complejo de inferioridad. Hay gente fea, mala y envidiosa que con sus calumnias nos quiere ensuciar, porque bien saben que grande que es nuestra sensibilidad. Si estamos lejos del terruño amado, y un tango escuchamos nos hace llorar. Porque inmediatamente recordamos lo felices que eramos viviendo alla. Donde violar las leyes era facil y evadir impuestos un deporte mas. Donde coimear era casi tan bueno como especular.

Por eso a los argentinos, nos quieren en todas partes, porque somos el baluarte de toda la humanidad. Por eso los argentinos, siempre fuimos tan unidos, porque somos los mas vivos... Mas vivos que no se que.

Someone should try to translate it (Im not very good at english really...) and add it to the article. The name of the song is "Los Argentinos". Well, that's it. Excellent article =) -- 16:58, 17 October 2007 (UTC)

No voy a hablar ingles ya que se que los que editan este articulo son argentinos o peor: mexicanos o chilenos resentidos, estaba muy gracioso y bueno el artículo hace unos meses pero...lo arruinaron! pusieron mucho mierda! borraron lo gracioso, y el que me diga "es la realidad" lo saco cagando, lo unico que hace es darnos mala imagen al mundo, este como este el pais no significa que los otros paises nostienen que ver como mierda si por mierdas como esta el pais sigue asi, se supone que debemos dar buena imagen como todos los paises la intentan dar y si la intención no era nada de eso y SI le parecia algo divertido hubiese consultado antes de modificar un 70% del articulo

edit Very Funny

Hi i'm mexican...and i just wanna say that this article is very funny. Fuck Argentina :D

Adios/bye/au revoir/جانبي

Lol! the article of mexico is funnt too! see it!

Well, I didn't thought it was funny so I changed it... anyway.--Hache.eme 00:41, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Seriously... Mexican??? The mouse from Warner cartoons? Mexicans are just the defecation of Americans. At least now mexicans are so black as the USA president.

edit Something odd...

Something odd with:

"doomsday pestilence"]]
a serious lack of respect!

and because im argentinian, and a hard worker, im going to be concise so that i can go back to work...or maybe you guys can learn that from me ..get a real job so that you dont have to spend weeks talking sh$% about valuable people and land

edit wrong prhase

you put: che, eres..... eres is not used in argentina idiots. we used the "voseo" it should be CHe, sos...

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