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edit Discussion for Anna Nicole Smith

Adding Dr. Phil to the list of Anna Nicole's offspring was poorly done and even if it was it still wouldn't be funny. Remove?


edit Casting

How about Keanu Reeves as George W. Bush? He would've been perfect back in his Bill and Ted days. -- Noclevername, no address given

edit Days of Glory & Swine....From Guess to Mayo! Here's Anna Nicole!!!!!!

         When Anna Nicole started making drivers run into each other via
billboards for "Guess?" jeans, she was laying down the foundation to making
sure she eats well ALL THE TIME! All the publicity from her many car accidents
that she caused WITHOUT even driving a car caught the attetion of the scouts
at "PLAYBOY" magazine! 
         Playboy magazine had only one objective in mind when they first laid
eyes on the voluptious blone exploit those big-assed titties for 

what they are worth! On that note, Playboy was a HUGE success!!!!! Both parties

won in that situation. Playboy made a lot of money AND they made a lot of tent's
rise off of Anna Nicole's Round-Assed Titties and Anna got a shitload of money from
Playboy for all the services she provided for them AND she was receiving kickback
money from all the immigrants she was bringing in from all those carribean islands
she was visiting during all of those Playboy shoots. Yes Everyone, Anna Nicole Smith
made it possible for a SHITLOAD of immigrants to work, eat, shit, and destroy America
slowy and sadly!
         So as time passes, Anna Nicole Smith got bigger and bigger. She just kept
on gaining weight cause she just wouldn't stop eating! Her excuse for her excessive
eating was that she can't stop watching the Food network and being on cocaine, Anna Nicole's
obsessive/compulsive disorder goes haywire and the only thing to level it out is over-eating
of foods that are high in fat. 
         Anna Nicole Smith got so big, Guess? jeans dropped her as a model because the
company got tired of guessing her waist size. Her waist kept on increasing due to all 

the fatty foods she has been eating! So after all this depressing shit happens to her

like how she was gold-digging buy fucking some dude in a wheelchair that had a ton of money. 

Being in and out of court because Anna Nicole plays the PERFECT vulture to someone's remains.

         The only solace Anna Nicole found her reality is her son "Daniel" and all of his 

"toys" that he makes on his spare time. When Anna Nicole needed to get away from everyone, she would spend quality time with her son testing out all the new sex toys he made on each

other. Anna has been on the record saying "My son is the only man who knows how to touch 

a woman." so it should not be at all surprising to read about thier incestial fetishes.

          Everything was all good until one day, Daniel got tired of fucking his mom in new
and weriod ways, he did a bunch of pharmie-pills and then he hung himself so he can be 

forgivin' for commiting incest. Anna Nicole fell apart after Daniel's death to the point of overdosing in some cheap motel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In all of Anna Nicole's selfishness', she totally negelacted her newborn daughter "Dannelynn" and the 6 possible fathers she could have.

           At the moment, a bunch of stupid niggers are fighting for custody of Anna's last child. 

I only say niggers cause the lawyer is ignorant for ruining the "Smith's" family's lives and the ex-boyfriend is ignorant cause he only loves her cause she's dead! I bet you 20 bucks when Anna Nicole was alive, he was mad as shit at her cause she kept on cheating on him! Now she's dead so he's gonna take her last child and say it is his so he can try to get some money!

we'll see what happens in the end y'all!!!!

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