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this was all redy featured.Alexander liked guys also. Moronic, small minded plebeians. Alexander didn't just conquer lands, he brought countries together under one rule, with one language and an ambition to bring all the world's knowledge to one place for civilisation to use and learn. What makes you people comment on such a person as Alexander; jealousy? Because you aren't him; your name will never be remembered; you are less than a dust mite compared to the vast universe. As for the above guy: the Spartans also 'liked guys' I would like to see if you would mock a race of people who would slaughter you or enslave you and treat you as a bitch that you are. Back to Alexander whom you refer to as 'not so great', if he had not been betrayed by his pathetic men and was followed by people like me, like the small percentage of the population who see farther than their own shadow and do not think they know everything because they 'can bowl', and that one man's GREAT achievements in a time when such things would be called 'impossible' are referred to as unimpressive because times have changed. It amusing how you people know less than humans that were still hunting animals to survive in the Ice Age, even though you are in a time when we can use the internet to learn so much instead of ridiculous, absurd 'encyclopaedias' that don't even meet their aim which is to give humour. ( 22:58, November 21, 2012 (UTC))

Are you Greek my friend??The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sinner George (talk • contribs)
"That's a bingo!" ~ BB ~ (T) Icons-flag-usFri, Nov 23 '12 15:26 (UTC)
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