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This isn't funny at all...

I think some people reach way too far to try and make something funny, which it clearly isn't!

This is just weird. there's way better ways to make fun of Alberta (pronounced Al-ber-tah in the area I'm stuck in for some unknown reason). They're like sitting ducks - millions of under-educated red necks that make Americans all look like Einstein. Surely we can do better here!

Maybe it's an inside joke? I'm from Alberta, so please talk slower so I can keep up and I get some of the jokes. -- SmallbeerSpillin DylanSmallbeerTALKSmallbeerEDITSSmallbeer205:27, Dec 15 P.S. You shut up!! We have oil!

I moved some "Fast Facts" to an info box. Can someone come up with some images (a flag a coat of arms, a provincial map)? And yes, I agree there is way too much yammer and not enough humour. The issue about housing in Calgary, which seems to go on for paragraphs could easily be cut down to a quarter of its size. Not enough info on the more redneck aspects of Alberta.Phrank Psinatra 12:16, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

I moved the remaining fast facts to an info box where it would fit. Phrank Psinatra 12:50, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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