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Article policies

Dancing hitler

Can this be worked into it?

Hitler 06

remove the Nobel peace prize nomination.

Conflict with nobel peace prize, which is funnier

no no no, the nobel peace prize thing isn't even funny at all, its just tasteless and stupid

an hero

also nowhere is it said that hitler became an hero at the end of his successful career.

so i herd hitler lieked mudkipz


I thought it wasn't encyclopedia dramatica

I mean, the photo with happy prisoners, exceeds a boundary of decency. Think about it.

The pun isn't in the picture itself, but in the Holocaust section as a whole. It's a bit subtle, but it's supposed to look like that section of the article was hijacked by some Holocaust deniers as has been the problem several times on Wikipedia with their articles. The humor is intentionally directed at those people (Holocaust denying wiki editors) rather than the Holocaust as a whole. --Hotadmin4u69 [TALK] 03:01 Nov 29 2009

Where you looking for?

Can we add a link at the top for Did you mean 'The Devil' becuase i stumbled across this page whilst looking for satan and there were no helpful links :(

Adolf hitler is a hero. seriously. He tried to rid the world of the evil that was the jews,came up with an amazing plan that was the ¨final solution¨ and nearly succeded at conquering the world but unfortunately he was defeated by an evil force led by the jews and homosexuals who he had worked so hard to try to get rid of. If adolf hitler was still alive I would probably marry him and have intercourse with him many times (I am not gay at all). I honestly do not think a man like him could die I also believe that a man of such epic heroism would be immortal due to gods mutual hatred of the jews therefore hitler is not dead he is only sleeping in a cave somewhere in germany where the german government ( secretly the Nazi party) is covering up the fact that he is still alive and made up many fake stories about him dieing.

in conclusion this hero is a model for all children and politicians everywhere.

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