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Erdrick, the guy on the tombstone in ElfLand, was a legendary hero in Dragon Warrior.

Excerpt from a wiki: "Dragon Warrior, its sequel, Dragon Warrior II, and its prequel, Dragon Warrior III, comprise a trilogy with a shared timeline. The story's background begins when the kingdom of Alefgard was shrouded in permanent darkness. The brave warrior Erdrick (known as "Loto" in the Game Boy Color (GBC) remake of the game) defeated an evil creature and restored light to the land. In Erdrick's possession were the Balls of Light,[note 1] which he used to drive away enemies who threatened the kingdom. Erdrick handed the Balls of Light to King Lorik, and Alefgard remained peaceful for a long time. The Balls of Light kept winters short in Alefgard and helped maintain peace and prosperity for the region."

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