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I think the following photo is very funny, especially when put in the context of this article on Abba: [[1]]. JohnnyRaven, the writer of the article, diagrees. I'd really like to know what everyone thinks. It's clear at this point that this question isn't going to be settled by the two of us insterting and deleteing the picture over and over again, so maybe some other people can tell me if it really is funny or if I'm just being stupid. Thanks! --Dschinghis 17:31, 9 Nov 2005 (UTC)

It isn't just that the photo isn't funny... Essentially what happened here is that we spent a considerable amount of time photoshopping a picture of Abba looking like the Ramones - an original job done especially for this one page - and within just 2 days Dschinghis had replaced that photo with a completely unrelated one that (a) isn't funny at all, (b) bears no relation to the subject whatsoever, and (c) is hideous to boot. But he didn't stop there; he also moved it [[2]] to the other article on ABBA without asking that article's author if this was OK. You hope this sort of thing won't happen, even on Uncyclopedia, but regardless, this was uncool by almost any standard. --JohnnyRaven, 9 Nov 2005 (UTC)

I can appreciate the effort spent on the photoshop. Okay, I can't really, since I have zero experience in that field, but it's still a very impressive (and funny) job. Sorry about taking the picture down originally, there are definitely better ways I could have gone about trying to add to the humor of the page (and that's all I was trying to do, I promise). That's why when the original picture came back I just added mine lower on the page. Additionally, I had nothing to do with moving any photos; at least, I don't remember doing it.

By definition, wikis are collaborative projects, which is why I asked for others' opinions on whether the photo I added earlier to the Abba page is funny or not. I don't want to disregard or disrespect anyone's work (and the work on this page is clearly very good), just make my small contributions to the great Uncyclopedia. For now, I'll refrain from making any further changes (other than removing a sublte joke I added). Hopefully people will either back me up and agree that the photo [[3]] is funny, in an absurd sort of way, or tell me to fuck off. --Dschinghis 19:08, 9 Nov 2005 (UTC)

First, thank you. Second: The other photo probably would be funny in another context, but the reason it isn't funny here (IMO) is that there are literally thousands of images of Abba looking exactly like that all over the web, in record stores, in magazines, ad nauseum. What's more, there are at least a dozen Abba tribute bands that look like this also; this could even be one of them, for all anyone knows. So there's no incongruity, no surprise, no absurdity.

Anyhoo, I can certainly accept that defacement wasn't your intent, and I'm all for people changing the pages I start if I think those changes are funny (or even if they just make them more anti-Ann Coulter). And I won't make any guesses as to your cultural background, but I'll admit that I am sort of curious about it. Are you, in fact, Mongolian? -- 21:49, 9 Nov 2005 (UTC)

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