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  • I'm not a gamer, so my 1337-sp3@k may not be up to snuff. Please feel free to modify as needed. If such a thing would upset me, I'd get my own darned web site. --BobBobBob 21:08, 13 Sep 2005 (UTC)

edit Work In Progress notes

  • Story points to add (and for crying out loud, don't wait for me to do it, grow a pair and get to work):
    • A week (or a century, whatever) before the 9/11 attacks, Osama and/or the Taliban assassinated a Northern Alliance leader. Nobody in the US noticed, of course, because Afghanistan was Not Here. It might not hurt to add that to the game (or it might make it too long, after all, we have a short attention hey look at the birdie!).
      • I don't think this fits in the narrative -- it's not as important as other things left out, like the first WTC bombing, the USS Cole, etc. -bbb
    • Just months before 9/11, the US was giving money to Taliban/Afghanistan to *not* sell drugs to the US (or something like that). But suddenly, after 9/11, the Taliban was 3v1l for oppressing women and media, and had to be overthrown!
      • For the record, that was Splaka's suggestion. Thanks a lot, you bastard, your idea kept me up all night trying to fit it in. :) I think I managed it ok. --BobBobBob 14:46, 14 Sep 2005 (UTC)
        • Darn history! hehe -Spl
    • Need a list of countries that were on our side, back before we upset them all.
      • See below. -bbb
    • The Northern Alliance player is actually several WaRlOrDzZ that keep fighting over the keyboard.
      • Done, kinda. -bbb
    • Those former Russian states join the game and give USA ops, which upsets Russia 'cause he thought he was ops in #Asswipeystan.
    • Of course, that's not as bad as when Pakistan has a change of heart and flips to the USA side in return for cash, trade, and turning a blind eye to that guy selling nuclear weapon blueprints to NoKorea and Iran.
      • Done -bbb
    • Speaking of Iran, they haxxor their share of ops, too.
    • Don't forget about the time USA bombs CAnuck (that one causes damage to both)
    • Just when USA is on top, they'll leave the game again to go play Gulf War (video game). l@merz.
    • The game should probably count as "still in progress", just like GWII.

edit canuck has joined the game

why does everyone keep adding this? it's inaccurate to say that canada hopped on board this war on terror. we've opposed this it the get go, and have done what we can to dissasociate ourselves from it without completely pissing off our bully neighbors. i'm sure a majority of canadian users would prefer that this part of the story be rethought.

  • Ok, first things first: you ( should sign your entries if you want them to be taken seriously. It's easy, either click the squiggly picture or type --~~~~. Now, second things second: you can deny Canada's involvement all you want, but if you do, you're denying little things like the wikipedia:Afghanistan friendly fire incident in which you not only got dragged into the conflict, but lost four men because some Yank got a little trigger-happy. And third things third: if you keep making edits like "C4nuck never fucking joined the game!", you'll find yourself sitting on the bench. Suggestion: Create a login and make some edits you're willing to stand behind. -- Sir BobBobBob ! S ? [rox!|sux!] Prince%21.gif 23:14, 20 Dec 2005 (UTC)
  • Apologies for not following the right etiquette. I rushed into things without reading up on how to go about things first. That was my mistake. I agree that making snarky and insistant updates will make me look like a foot-stomping teenager, and I'll keep my temper in check in the future. But about Afghanistan - Canadian troops were already there before the events of September 11th for peacekeeping reasons (well, that's what they tell us at least but we have our doubts). It was a hotly debated issue up here, and it was decided that we would neither send more troops to help their cause, nor repeal our own out of principle. Our troops stuck around to make sure nothing unfair went down on either side of the dispute, but we most certainly did not "join the game" (to use the awesome terminology of this article).
  • That's some great information, and something I (and probably 90% of My Fellow Americans) didn't know. Find a way to add that to the game! Be italic! But I also recommend you create a login. This time, you're, next time you'll probably have another IP address in the 69.159.*.* range (unless you decide to leave Bell Canada). If you want to be credited as a contributor of Good Stuff, creating a login will show us that you've got a clue, and aren't just someone making random pro-Canada statements. Not that there's anything wrong with that. -- Sir BobBobBob ! S ? [rox!|sux!] Prince%21.gif 16:08, 21 Dec 2005 (UTC)

edit Proposed move

Since the page under its current name is unwantedly treated as a subpage of 9, I would like to propose moving it to 9 11 (video game) for consistency with 9 11 (or possibly moving 9 11 to 9-11 and this page to 9-11 (video game). Comments? --Pentium5dot1 05:02, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

Um, actually, is there any way to hide the subpage link using template voodoo? Pentium5dot1 06:44, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
Bump. Pentium5dot1 04:21, 23 August 2007 (UTC)
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