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edit Jeffrey VS. TV Viewer

Oh hell, this is bull shit. The guy that who wrote this article and put those ☭ signs next to each demand hit them on the money. It’s like the WGOA is now the new Soviet Union dude, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jeffrey: We want more money.

TV Viewer: I want my MTV.

Jeffrey: I can’t afford a Wii

TV Viewer: Neither can I.

Jeffrey: I want to see that girls boobies.

TV Viewer: Well you better wait in line boy.

Jeffrey: I want to where my chicken suit to work on Fridays

TV Viewer: You don’t need a chicken suit because your already a chicken. KFC bitch!

Jeffrey: I need to help my friend renew his green card.

TV Viewer: He doesn’t work for me, the WGOA needs to handle that for him. Not the studios.

Jeffrey: Just watch reality TV.

TV Viewer: I hate Real World. And what the hell is a desu?

Jeffrey: I also want more money.

TV Viewer: Those people did not join the WGOA just to hold up signs and parade on the streets. I want to watch new episodes of Heroes and Bionic Woman.

Jeffrey: I don’t want to go to prison for sexual harassment.

TV Viewer: It’s the law Betty Genie.

Sounds like if the strike was a reality TV show, it would be very entertaining. Zucker is the CEO of NBC, he is doing this so he can hurt the competition. He doesn’t want ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW to get ahead. I’m calling for all the studios to take whatever measures they can to make sure that Zucker doesn’t spend one more day incharge of the WGOA. I want other TV viewers to come here and put in their critisium as well so we can get the attention of the WGOA and get our shows back.

Sincerly; Robert "Crazy Man" McGee The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

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