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  • The first picture is just a poster.
  • 2nd is the Vic Elford and Richard Attwood #12 Porsche 917 actually racing in the 1969 race.
  • 3rd is one from a magazine article about the tesiting of the Matra MS640.
  • 4th is the winning GT40 in the 1968 race.
  • 5th is the first lap of the 1969 race with the #10 917 of Woolfe at the front and Chris Amon just behind.
  • 6th is Jacky Ickx in 1973, actually.
  • 7th is near where my girlfriend once stopped he car and told me she'd leave if I ever cheated on her. What a lying bitch. --Nikau 02:52, November 8, 2011 (UTC)
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