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edit Typical 12 Year Old Gathering, A.K.A A Racial slur fest :D

Ah, holy shit, this is hilarious, i love watching the immature 12 year olds go "WHOEVER ROTE DIS IS GAE N00B AND LEIK BOYS" i'm twelve and can't even read half the crap these people write, look, i know the older people will hate 12 year olds, no matter what, but look on the bright side, if you ever get in a game with me, on anything, TF2 ETC;, atleast i wont cram racism down your throat, and i won't yell like a fucking retard. And thanks to all the stupid children who wrote annoying shit on here that made me laugh. There are types of 12 year olds, 10% are literate, want a nice, clean internet, and the other 90% are fuckheads that cram useless shit down your throat, curse every five seconds, use racial slurs, call everyone "FAGGOTS!!11" and have not even a inch of pubic hair, and think girls have "COOOOTIEEES!!one!1" i should probably stop writing now, this is getting huge, it's a whole paragraph well, bye people of the internets, i will see you later, just hope that these twelve year olds that are immature don't discover memes, OH!, and to all the twelve year olds who are reading this, go to and see pr0n, i promise, best porn in the biz, so, yeah, go there. ;D. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) 00:52, August 3, 2012‎

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