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okay. Here goes mine. I Hope It Stays On Uncyclopedia.

  The True Ending Of Zork Score: 0ver 9000 Moves: 780

VS jib Now, when you fight jib, you win!
> Duh, I



Every Stat:9999

You Attack! 53 hp of damage!

Jib attacks! Oh, Wait...

[Jib Has Released Some Kind Of Energy...]

> What The Fu-

'*YOU ARE DEAD*' Plus, all your savestates are destroyed.

Tell someone they can wait for you in the bed room, they go inside. You then pick up a piece of paper and some string. Write: "April's Fool" on one side. On the other side write: "Analysis report, you're pregnant!" This usually scares your victim a bit. If you are a guy, I do not recommend that you try on the same gender as yourself, it is just wrong. Another thing you can write on paper is: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" . Another very good way to freak out your so called 'unhelpful kitten huffer' ... - But is this actually funny? --Olipro Icons-flag-gb (Harass) 02:47, 3 April 2006 (UTC)

If you're going to create a fake pregnancy test? Litmus paper as the replacement for the "pee on the stick" thingy (anything acidic will indicate as red); instructions reworded to say that if the test turns red then YOU ARE PREGNANT and THE BABY IS GOING TO BE AN EVIL ALIEN which will DEVOUR YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT so you might as well end it all now, oh noes! --Carlb 22:30, 3 April 2006 (UTC)

Call a bomb threat? I need some help...

[How about.. "Seriously Sick April Fools: Get one of your best friends and drug him/her with a tranquilizer. After he/she is knocked out, remove their limbs, such as their legs and arms so they can't move. Make sure they are still alive afterwards, this is usually done by sewing up the wound. Once they are left limbless, tie them to a contraption where they are forced to drink their own piss and eat their own shit whilst being vomited on by dogs that you fed their limbs too! Hilarity ensues when you release them and tell them it was all for fun."]

Or remove their limbs and mix up the order, so they are either standing on their heads or walking on their hands. If they wake up and see that you have also done this to yourself, they may be fooled into thinking that they are in Bizarro, and will try the foolish maneuver.

Wait until your friend leaves his house, and then rig up his door so that when he opens it, he gets hit by a paint can on a rope, like in Home Alone. The real fun begins when you tell him to open the can, revealing the severed head of his pet/family member! (If you would rather do this in one step, substitute the can with a glass jar).

Someone should really clean up this article. A lot of these new additions aren't really that funny, and some of them have so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that they look like the guys who wrote them just flailed theirs dicks against their keyboards in a spastic fashion

edit Mistake

"A time-tested joke; simply locate the brake cable and cut it. For the engineers out there, see if you can attach the now cut cable running from the brake pedal to the accelerator, allowing you to observe exactly when they have floored the relevant pedal."

Sorry, but the brake lines are hollow steel & rubber filled with fluid. Throttle lines are solid steel cables. No way in hell to swap the lines. But you could potentially switch the pedals... HeroReborn 15:28, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

edit "Simply" is way overused on this page

Simply stop using it, and you will appear to be a better writer!

edit ...

I got number 1 done on me. Who'd have thought someone could think up such an ingenious April's Fools joke?

edit Bleh....

I can see why this page is destined for burnation... I'll just say bleh........

edit Is This Funny to you too?

Buy a fake pregnancy test and convince a guy friend to take it. It'll always test positive so when he takes it and tests positive, it'll appear that he has testicular cancer and upon the realisation, you can laugh at the thought of his life being shattered

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