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This article was nominated for deletion on August 11, 2013.
The result of the discussion was Keep.

Is this "LONG CHEMICAL NAME: The Sequel"?   Le Cejak <16:13, 14 Jul 2008>

Pretty much, just with a completely abstracted, unrelated plot, and a new side character that suddenly takes over from the protagonist for no apparent reason. Seriously though, Wikipedia has flipping hundreds of these things. ~~Heeren ["Meh"] [tecħ] [kurk] [14/07 16:16]
Well, you ARE the master of making articles that our regular audience would search for. SARCASM!!!!! But no, this article's fine. Did you pet and feed me for the week?   Le Cejak <16:20, 14 Jul 2008>
I have looked for this before. I'm glad it's fine being made. Keep it HV! --MegaPleb Dexter111344 Complain here 16:22, 14 July 2008 (UTC)
I was going to (probably going to have to wait until after the PLS now though). And Cajek, if I didn't already, I have now (and no, it wasn't an optical illuuuuusssssion). ~~Heeren ["Meh"] [tecħ] [kurk] [14/07 16:26]
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