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Trash Offering

Just take it out!

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“In Soviet Russia Trash you don't have anything let alone things to throw away.”
~ Russian Reversal on Being practical for once

Taking out the trash is getting rid of crap so it won't give you trouble. It was invented by a caveman Tito Balboa in the year 99000-BC to get rid of his other invention Trash.

Taking out the trash has continued since that time, however today taking out the trash may soon disappear because of the rising popularity of taking out the recycle bin invented by Toda Balboa (totaly unrelated to Tito).

edit What Happens when you DON't take out the trash

  • Far more cockroachs than normal.
  • Loss of girlfriend.
  • Being called stinky winky.
  • Unable to invite friends over.
  • Unusual attraction from seagulls.
  • Attract the 2 girls from How clean is your house.

Also note that not taking out the trash for 3 years may poison your air and this could Kill you. So unless ur an asshole everyone hates you should at least take out the trash once every 2 years. In cases you forget to take it for too long the How clean is your house's English grandmas might force themselves inside your house and start cleaning everything.

edit Taking out the trash in History


That's what it will look like if you don't Take out the trash

Not taking out the trash may cause

  • 99000-BC Tito Balboa should have taken out the trash.
  • 98999-BC Tito Balboa takes out the trash for the first time.
  • 400-BC socrates declares that everyone must take out the trash on Monday.
  • 1504-AD Nostradamous makes his first prediction at the age of one years old. He declares that in 2012 taking out the trash will be replaced by taking out the recycling bin.
  • Between 1775 and 1783 AD the Americans Took out the English trash out of their colonies and become a country.
  • 2001 AD George W. Bush trashes the American constitution.
  • 2020 AD Taking out the trash is replaced by taking out the recycling bin.
  • 2102 AD the Taking out the trash museum is opened

edit Taking out the trash in Popular culture

  • Many TV shows show at some point include one or more characters taking out the trash.
  • Trash can the movie is a documentary on the evolution of trash taking out.
  • Britney spears was rumoured to take out the trash.
  • The Trashing was a short run TV series about friends taking out the trash. It lasted 1 season of 2 episodes before being cancelled.
  • There is a possible chance you take out the trash every week!

edit Things that are not considered Taking out the trash

  • Kicking a cat is not Taking out the trash.
  • Owning an Xbox is not Taking out the trash it's taking it in.
  • Killing someone is not taking out the trash unless you put him(her) in a trash can
  • Flushing the toilet is not Taking out the trash it's Flushing down the crap.
  • Putting a trash can in a trash can is not considered Taking out the trash.

edit Taking out the trash's children wish fundation

The Taking out the trash's children wish fundation or TOTTCWF is an organisation who wants to give sick and disable kids a chance to take out the trash before they bite the dust. In 2005 the TOTTCWF has ben sued by Jack Thompson because he claims
“It's just a scam so they don't have to take out the trash out themselves!”
~ Jack Thompson on TOTTCWF
. This as been a controversial trial since for once in his life Thompson made a slight bit of sence. As of september 16 2006 the TOTTCWF is closed and has no plans of re-opening because no one gives a shit about them.

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