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Syringe Love is a game produced in 2007 by Sick Corp. for the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3; it is the sequel to 1994 video game Syringe Fun for the Sega Saturn. With its shocking images of drug use, death, rape and murder, the game sold well in various regional areas of England and Japan, but ended up with lacklustre sales in America.

edit Story

Playing as either 24 year old male Hans Gerbil or his girlfriend Charlie Rat, you start off in your own flat in Central London and are forced to set up a business selling drugs to anyone who would give money for them. "With cilldren [sic] on the streets without drugs, play as Hans or his slag and sell, sell, sell!" quoth the back of the DVD cover.

An unlockable hidden feature also allows you to play as the Blood Elf dealer Sluggie Sharpo. Sluggie starts out in a mansion but already has an addiction to his product and has to work hard not to let it ruin him.

edit Gameplay

Syringe Love is divided into three parts: the overworld, where you control the main character and guide him or her towards spots in London where there is a high demand for drugs; the management screen, where you make decisions on how to distribute/alter drugs (for example, cutting cocaine, poisoning heroin et cetera.); and lastly, the relation screen, where you make difficult decisions surrounding how you deal with you partner. For the first time in the Syringe series you can hire bodyguards, murderers and help for selling drugs. One of main gameplay features of the game, where you send someone to rape your partner and watch it on CCTV, spawned its own animation series in Japan where over six million viewers watch each week on S.H.T. Television. It is interesting to note however, that instead of using a used, dirty syringe to violate the partner in the game, it was replaced by a picture of Patricia Hewitt rolled up and pissed on.

The theme song from the original game, Syringe Fun, is retained in Syringe Love, yet can be replaced by a new song made especially by the reunited Shite Girls once unlocked by completing the game five times. The new song was praised upon release in the shops around England as a single for its lyrics suitable for children of a very young age. The lyrics are as follows:

Everytime I see your end,
Your long, hard, tubular end,
I get a feeling inside me.
All I want you to do is send,
Send your wondrous liquid inside me.

Dirty, clean, covered in shit,
I don't care, anything for a hit.
Plunge it deep inside my arm,
It excites me, it helps me, it gets me calm...

A short-lasting fad reigned over England for a few weeks after this song was released on CD where single mothers who lived in council houses would scrounge around dustbins in the hope of finding used syringes to calm their babies. This fad ended aruptly after a few babies were found dead in their cots, possibly due to the dirty syringes sticking out of their necks, but nothing has been confirmed.

edit Reaction

The game was met by ten thousand sales after its release on January 1st, 2007, which steadily rose to one hundred thousand come the end of that month. The majority of sales went to the Playstation 3 after housewives found the XBOX 360 good as a doorstop. To this day, worldwide, the game has sold over ten million copies with its Japanese animation sales not far behind. The company that created Syringe Love, Sick Corp. have hinted at a new game being released some time in the future.

edit Trivia

  • If you insert the DVD in the Playstation 3 or XBOX 360 upside down you can see a secret video where Tony Blair is violated anally by Gordon Brown with a Union Jack-style dirty syringe. Patricia Hewitt can be seen lurking at the back of the video masturbating with a used tampon.
  • It has been said that the release of Syringe Love has caused a whole new generation of drug-dealers who think it is cool to deal. As these comments are made by middle-class housewives with nothing to do but complain they have been ignored by the government.

edit Slogans

Syringe Love, a whole new generation of needles.

If you've ever felt the urge to stick a dirty needle in your arm, do it... with Syringe Love...

Turn the lights low, get something to eat, shut that baby up with a dirty syringe then play...

Syringe Love: The game where you stick it to the man, the woman, the child and anyone else with £5 for a fix

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