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Synchronized car bombing has taken the world by storm in the past few years. For the first time ever it has been added to the line up of sporting events in the summer Olympics.

edit Beginnings

Synhcro pic

Official score board of the SCBL

Synchronized car bombing started as just a common terrorist act in the market places of the Middle East. Terrorist started by just placing basic explosives in old cars they found in the street. When a loaded car approached its target was parked or more frequently driven at very high speed right into the target. Many of these attacks were done to kill invading Non-Muslims while innocent bystanders evolved as a bonus. In Al Qaeda cells all over the Middle East, a crude scoring system evolved. The bombers scored points for successfulness, total deaths, and how extreme the explosion looks. But, bombers did not want to stop with single bombing which soon got old. Terrorist began blowing up multiple targets at once with precise and almost rhythmic explosions. Thus, creating the newest extreme sport, Syncronized Car Bombing!

edit Olympic Quality Sport

As synchronized car bombing's popularity has grown, teams from all over the world have exploded their way on to the charts. But teams, have not been started in places such as the United States, Britain, France, and, well, just about everywhere outside of Middle Eastern and communist countries. Sources show that people can not just start teams cause it is vaguely ILLEGAL! The sport was added to the list of Olympic sports by the head of the planing comity while looking down the barrel of a AK-47 held by Islamic terrorists.

Buy a kit today and blow cars up tommorow

The event is to be done at the Beijing Sport Complex. Huge crowds consisting of mainly die-hard fans, communists, and many terrorists are expected to fill the stadium. Rich innocent people, who though they were buying a floor seat to an Olympic basketball game, are place in the ring in groves to make the sport feel as close to the streets of Iraq as possible. After the Olympics, a new league is to begin in the Middle East. The SCBL will have competitions through out the streets of the Middle East. Teams include Jordan Jihad, Baghdad Bombers, Iran Incinerators, and the Gulf Genocide.

edit SCB Future

Since SCB is illegal in almost every country, underground teams are forming through out the world. People can buy "Syncronized Car Bombing Starter Packs" from professional terrorist teams. Cars are no longer stolen to actually drive but to be blown up in fantastic fashion at junk yards. The number of underground teams grown to rival the size and destructiveness of gangs in East LA. With this rapid growth of teams, it seems like Syncronized Car Bombing is the sport of the future!

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