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“Isn't she a boy?”
~ Average person on Swiper's gender

Swiper, commonly referred to as Swiper the Fox, is most famous from her role as a character in the popular children's series, Dora the Explorer. She is seen by many as the antagonist in the series; however, she is seen as the main character and moreover protagonist by a select few. Many viewers see her name, Swiper, and use it as a quick method of forming judgements on the character by assuming she lives a life of thievery. It is apparent that Dora likewise believes is this nonsense by her continuous berating of Swiper.

edit Description

Swiper is a Red Fox (scientific name Vulpes Vuswiperensis Pedophilus). Born in 1993, the year of the Fox (see irony), as Swiper Isabelle Jasmine Fox, she prefers to go by either Swiper the Fox or Swiper. Her history with alcohol abuse is not addressed in the series, however it is addressed and speculated on in many online fan forums.

Swiper is the antagonist of the Dora The Explorer TV show. Her only airtime on the show is when she is trying to sneak up on Dora giving the illusion she is a thief and rapist. Swiper's main weakness is a wizard chant called "Swiper no swiping." One must repeat this chant three times to fully unleash it's powers and because Dora is a level 55 Mage, Dora is able to unleash its wrath upon Swiper. But if you ignore that particular aspect and watch her when she is off the set, you may realize she isn't that bad. Unless, of course, if you can look past the complete lacking of clothes except for a bandana and gloves. But once you cross that hill you can really see her true self. Take a look at her- wait she is just a cartoon character made for five year olds illegal immigrants. She doesn't have a life at all. What do you think this teaches kids? That stealing and public nudity is ok? Well, actually if it wasn't illegal I would never wear pants either... But we are talking about Swiper's impact on five year old kids, not about my sick lifestyle. Though never wearing pants is a great idea... That must be why little kids love to run around naked! Half the characters in Dora don't wear pants like Swiper. Wow who knew talking about Swiper the Fox could bring about such deep, philosophical thoughts?


Swiper is preparing to mug some six-year-olds. He'll stop if you chant at him though.

edit Appearance

She's practically naked... Why the f*ck do you want to read about a foxes clothing choices, or lack thereof. We have a term for that and it's called BEASTIALITY. F*cking perverts...

edit Controversy

Swiper is known to be the most violent rapist in the world, but, strangely her only weakness is a little girl and a half-naked monkey saying "Swiper no swiping" three times. It can certainly teach a five-year-old kid something when being approached by a pedophile on the street. That's going to work! So all Swiper can teach us is how to aggravate rapists on the street. There is mass confusion about his/her gender. I have come to conclude that this rare creature is female and you can see throughout this article that I refer to Swiper as "her." My reasoning behind this is that most TV show producers don't want a scantily clad male fox running around trying to sneak up on an unsuspecting girl and her half naked monkey. Yet do not underestimate the retartedness of TV show producers.

edit Past Works

Swiper the Fox has been under appreciated since her birth. Here are some of Swiper's accomplishments that went unaccredited.

  • First fox with opposable thumbs.
  • First bipedal (two legged) fox.
  • First fox to have a tail almost double the size of body.
  • A fox with the ability to talk.
  • The only fox without being put in a "What does the fox say?" meme.
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